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The Government Approved the Procedure for Access to Information Necessary for Verification and Monitoring of Public Payments

On December 28, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the "Procedure of access to information in the informational-analytical platform of electronic verification and monitoring of the bodies performing public payments ".

This document was adopted according to the Law of Ukraine "On verification and monitoring of public payments" in order to provide an opportunity the bodies, performing public payments, to receive by means of information-analytical platform in real-time mode confirmation of compliance with the information reported by recipients of state assistance, the requirements of the legislation, affecting the determination of their right to receive and the amount of public payments, or a recommendation for additional verification of such information.

According to the Procedure, the bodies performing public payments will have access to information free of charge on the basis of an agreement concluded with the Ministry of Finance.  Also, the head of such body will designate authorized persons to enable them access for the duration of their term of office.

For reference:

Verification of public payments is a complex of measures including the collection and validation the reliability of information defined by the legislation for the appointment, accrual and / or implementation of public payments and affects the determination of the right to receive and amount of such payments, as well as identifying inconsistencies in automated information systems, registers, databases of subjects of information provision.

The Ministry of Finance monitors compliance with budget legislation in terms of verification and monitoring of pensions, benefits, subsidies, other public payments made at the expense of state, local budgets, compulsory state social and pension insurance funds, defined by the Budget Code of Ukraine, according to  the Constitution of Ukraine, Laws of Ukraine "On protection of personal data", "On protection of information in information and telecommunication systems", "On banks and banking", as well as by other legal regulations and only in the interests of economic welfare and human rights.

Verification of public payments is aimed at ensuring that assistance from the state budget is received by those who need it.