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Ukraine’s State Budget Received USD 1.4 Billion and More Than EUR 700 Million from International Partners During the Week

Over the past week, in addition to the IMF financing in the amount of USD 1.4 billion, the general fund of the state budget of Ukraine received funds from international partners in the amount of EUR 711.8 million.

In particular, Ukraine received EUR 300 million of the European Union Macro-Financial Assistance program, EUR 311.8 million as a development policy loan for the Supplement Loan For Second Economic Recovery Development Policy Loan from the World Bank, and EUR 100 million from the European Investment Bank of Solidarity Package for Ukraine.

The EUR 300 million of EU macro-financial assistance is part of the first tranche under a new EUR 1.2 billion Macro-Financial assistance program approved by the EU and signed by the parties on March 3, 2022. The second part of the EUR 300 million tranche is expected to be transferred to Ukraine next week. In total, the first tranche under the new MFA program will amount to EUR 600 million.

The World Bank has approved the first tranche of the development policy program Supplement Loan For Second Economic Recovery Development Policy Loan totaling more than EUR 440 million.

It was the first tranche carried out by the European Investment Bank as part of urgent measures of solidarity with Ukraine approved by the Board of Directors of the Bank in the amount of EUR 668 million.

The funds from international partners will be used to finance the most urgent needs of the state and maintain Ukraine's macroeconomic stability.