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For the purpose of government bonds` market development and following the consultations with primary dealers the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine is announcing the list of domestic government bonds that are offered to market makers as the benchmark instruments. Benchmarks are provided to support the liquidity of the secondary market in accordance with NSSMC Regulation on Functioning of Stock Exchanges No 1688 dated November 22, 2012 with amendments.

ISIN Maturity date
UA4000213300 27.10.2021
UA4000204556 17.11.2021
UA4000203236 05.01.2022
UA4000204002 11.05.2022
UA4000204572 03.08.2022
UA4000199210 12.10.2022
UA4000201255 24.05.2023
UA4000173371 23.08.2023
UA4000206460 22.11.2023
UA4000207880 22.05.2024
UA4000204150 26.02.2025
UA4000218531 13.05.2026
UA4000207518 26.05.2027