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Domestic Bonds

How to access UAH domestic government bonds market?

Domestic government bonds are government securities placed exclusively on the domestic stock market and confirm Ukraine's commitment to pay bond holders the nominal value with the coupon payments in accordance with the terms of bonds issue. The nominal value of the bond is UAH 1000. It may also be determined in foreign currency. Ukrainian domestic government bonds are classified into the three categories according to their maturity:

  • long-term (more than five years);
  • medium-term (from one to five years);
  • short-term (up to one year).

The Ministry of Finance, in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 80 dated 31 January, 2001 "On Issue of Domestic Government Bonds", holds placement of domestic government bonds in the form of auctions through the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU). NBU performs public debt service operations related with the placement of domestic government bonds: their redemption and debt-service payments, as well as depositary activities.

According to its mandate, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine performs the following activities:

  • develops and publishes indicative calendars for the placement of domestic government bonds, defines the time and amount of bonds to be placed (approved calendar, as well as adjustments to it are periodically published on the official website of the Ministry of Finance);
  • determines the forms and ways of placement of domestic government bonds, sets the maturity of domestic government bonds as well as redemption dates and coupon payment dates (for coupon bonds);
  • establishes the marginal level of the yield of domestic government bonds, according to which bidders` applications are satisfied;
  • publishes information on the results of placement of domestic government bonds;
  • finalizes issues of government bonds with global certificates;
  • ensures timely domestic government bonds` redemptions and interest payments.

The placement of domestic government bonds is based on the current financing needs of the State Budget of Ukraine.