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Prospectus is a formal written offer to sell bonds. The publication of a prospectus is required to make a public offer of securities. 
Prospectus include general and financial information covering the issuer consistent with the legislative requirements of the country of public offering.

As a rule, sovereign bonds prospectus consists of the following chapters:

  • Risk Factors
  • Terms and Conditions of the Securities
  • Taxation Considerations
  • Description of the Country
  • Political Framework
  • Economy of Ukraine
  • Labour Market
  • External Sector
  • Public Finance and Fiscal Policy
  • Public Debt
  • Monetary System
  • Banking System, Securities and Financial Services Markets
  • Form of Global Certificates and Transfer Restrictions
  • General Information

Investors use the information provided in the prospectus with information from other sources, such as rating agencies, to assess risk and evaluate earnings potential.

More information is available in the section “Eurobonds”.