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Cooperation in Attracting Financing from the International Financial Institutions

On 27 of December the Cabinet of Ministers approved the Conception for increasing effectivnes of implementation of joint projects with IFIs.

The document at the first meeting on December 14 was considered and supported by the Working Group on Solving Problematic Issues of Cooperation with International Financial Institutions, chaired by Oksana Markarova, Minister of Finance.

The concept implies a change in approaches to selecting projects to finance the IFIs, as well as to better match projects with Ukraine's prioritized priorities.

It contains solutions to increase the average sample of available MFI funds and improve project management at various levels, including the development of tools for minimizing currency risks, creating a platform for information exchange and a multi-level project monitoring system, regular loan portfolio reviews, and creating an open register of MFI projects. .

"Today, we are moving from concept stage to implementation, which is just the start of a major work that in 2019 will allow us to significantly increase the sample of projects funded by the IFIs, which means more investments and credits for energy efficiency, transport and infrastructure development, small and medium-sized businesses, utilities and local projects and private companies. " – said the Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova.

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Презентація концепції щодо підвищення ефективності впровадження спільних з МФО проектів