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The European Investment Bank (the EIB) was founded in 1957. The EIB is owned by 27 Member States of the European Union. The European Investment Bank provides not a credit business solely but acts also as the biggest lender of funding at international equity markets.

In 2004 Ukraine commenced the cooperation with the European Investment Bank on the development of the legislation to attract its resources for infrastructure, energy, environmental and other projects implementation.

As for July 1, 2024, the total amount of the funding provided by EIB in Ukraine, both in the public and private sectors, was more than 7.5 billion euros.

Today, the EIB project portfolio comprises 26 project with a total amount of 5.3 billion euros. Of these: at the stage of implementation - 23 projects with a total amount of 4.81 billion euros.

Within these projects implementation at the beginning of July, 2024, 2848,86 million euros had been utilized, including 1 722.6 million euros in 2022 and 261,74 million euros in 2023.