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Joint operational programs of European Cross Border Cooperation 2014-2020

In December 2016, the Government of Ukraine and the EU signed 4 Agreements on financing of joint operational programs of Cross Border Cooperation (CBC) "Ukraine - Poland - Belarus 2014-2020", "Ukraine - Hungary - Slovakia - Romania 2014-2020" "Ukraine-Romania 2014-2020 years", "Black Sea Basin 2014-2020".

Implementation of the cross-border cooperation programs will promote effective and mutually beneficial cooperation between the border regions of Ukraine and partner countries through the implementation of joint projects; exchange experiences and best practices with partner countries in various fields to help address common development challenges; attraction of additional resources for balanced development and increase of competitiveness of the border regions of Ukraine.

In accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated July 11, 2018, No. 554 "On the introduction of a national system for the management and control of the implementation of joint operational programs of the European Neighborhood Instrument for cross-border cooperation 2014-2020", to perform the functions of management and control over the implementation of the CBS authorized:

  • the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade – the National managing authority;
  • the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine (together with the State Service and the Chamber of Auditors (with consent) - National Control Point (NCP);
  • Accounting Chamber of Ukraine - the National AUDIT body;
  • the Ministry of the Interior - National Contact Point (in accordance with the provisions of the program financing agreements).

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, in accordance with the tasks entrusted to it, has started to perform the functions of the National Control-Contact Point, which provides for the establishment of a system for verifying the costs incurred by the beneficiaries in the framework of the projects, in accordance with the agreements on financing joint operational programs of the frontier cooperation.

Main tasks of the NCP are:

  • coordination of work on the implementation of functions related to the organization and implementation of the verification of project costs under the PPS EIS 2014-2020 on the territory of Ukraine in accordance with the agreements on financing of joint operational programs of the frontier cooperation;
  • creation of an open list of independent auditors (on the basis of competitive selection) that will be involved in the verification of project costs within the Programs;
  • assisting the Management Authority, the Joint Technical Secretariat in conducting appropriate training and training of independent auditors;
  • ensuring the quality control of the work of independent auditors at the request of the Management Authority by involving the Audit Chamber;
  • assisting the Management Authority in returning unduly spent funds and unused part of the grant.