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Roman Yermolychev: This Year Almost UAH 100 billion has been Provided for Salaries of Education Specialists

The state budget of Ukraine for 2021 provides UAH 99.6 billion for the salaries of the teaching staff of general secondary education institutions, which is UAH 18.7 billion more than in 2020. More than 400,000 teachers will receive salaries from these funds. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Finance Roman Yermolychev.

"The state continues to fulfill its obligations to maintain the teaching staff of general secondary education institutions to provide quality education in accordance with legally established standards. In addition, despite the challenges of responding to the pandemic, we continue to increase teachers' salaries steadily. The funds provided in the state budget for 2021 will allow local governments to increase the teachers' salaries of general secondary education by an average of 25.5%," said the Deputy Minister of Finance.

According to him, in general, the state budget for 2021 provides for UAH 169.3 billion in education, including interbudgetary transfers, which is UAH 29.3 billion more than in 2020.

"The funding of education remains a priority for the state. After all, quality education should be in both urban and rural areas, regardless of where a student lives," noted Roman Yermolychev.