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​Information about the use of the “Single-Stop” procedure at the customs: clearance transactions in the period from February 1, 2018 till March 11, 2018 (STATISTICS)

The Ministry of Finance permanently monitors the operation of the automated information exchange system “Single Stop” at the customs offices.

Based on the monitoring data, the Ministry of Finance publishes statistical information about transactions with customs declarations in the respective period on its official website.

In the period from February 1, 2018, till March 11, 2018, the number of customs declarations cleared under the “single-stop” procedure was as follows:
• import – approx. 96,000 (76%)
• export – approx. 63,000 (87%)
• transit - 3,400 (14.7%)

In total, 73.2% of the customs declarations in this period were cleared under the “single-stop” procedure (162,070 customs declarations).

The Ministry of Finance permanently works together with other controlling authorities to improve the “single-stop’ system.