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State Debt in June 2020

For the second month in a row there has been a reduction of rates at which the Ministry of Finance attracts funds to the state budget. While at the domestic bonds auctions held in early June, the weighted average yield of 3-month domestic government bonds was 9.84%, 6-month - 10.11%, 1-year - 10.86%, at the end of the month the cost of borrowing decreased to 7.24% (- 260 basis points), 7.74% (-237 bps) and 10.47% (-39 bps) respectively.

In June, the Ministry of Finance successfully held five planned domestic government bond auctions placement, raising UAH 30.23 billion to the state budget. Most instruments were national currency-denominated government bonds. Only once were investors offered securities denominated in foreign currency. Thus, at the domestic bonds auctions on June 9, EUR 353.3 million (UAH 10.65 billion in national currency equivalent) was attracted to the state budget. The weighted average yield was 2.2%.

According to the National Bank of Ukraine's depository, the volume of government bonds decreased by UAH 7.2 billion last month. The portfolio of non-residents decreased by UAH 5.4 billion and amounted to 11.42% at the end of the month. The share was reduced due to government securities, which have already been repaid.

The total state and state-guaranteed debt of Ukraine in national currency equivalent increased by 2.7% to UAH 2,269.17 billion, and in the foreign currency equivalent - by 3.85% to USD 85.01 billion. In total, over the reporting period, the public debt principal payments amounted to UAH 41.5 billion, while interest payments were UAH 7.5 billion.

The detailed information on the state and state-guaranteed debt of Ukraine in June 2020 and other periods can be found on the official website of the Ministry of Finance at the link.