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State Debt in April 2021

Ukraine's total state and state-guaranteed debt in the national currency equivalent amounted to UAH 2 534.28 billion (USD 91.33 billion in foreign currency equivalent) as of the end of April 2021. Compared with the previous month, Ukraine's state and state-guaranteed debt increased by UAH 20 billion in UAH equivalent and by USD 1.16 billion in USD equivalent. At the same time, the state debt increased by UAH 23.27 billion (USD 1.23 billion), and the state-guaranteed debt decreased by UAH 3.26 billion (USD 70 million).

The increase in state debt was mainly due to the issuance of Eurobond totaling USD 1.25 billion with maturity in 2029. The yield of the Eurobond was set at 6.875%.

As of the end of April, the state debt amounted to UAH 2,258.04 billion (USD 81.37 billion), of which 44.6% state domestic debt and 55.4% is state external debt, which consists of loans from international financial organizations (19.0% of total state debt), Eurobonds (30.2%) and other external debt (6.2%).

The share of state debt in UAH as of the end of April 2021 decreased to 38.9%.

In April 2021 the Ministry of Finance held 20 auctions on the placement of government bonds, attracting UAH 14.4 billion for financing the state budget. As of April 30, 2021, the rollover rate for marketable domestic government loan bonds was 109.3%, while the rollover rate for hryvnia-denominated domestic bonds was 121.3% and 71.2% for FX denominated bonds.

In January-April 2021 state debt principal payments amounted to UAH 141.9 billion, while service payments amounted to UAH 45.7 billion.