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​The Ministry of Finance simplifies interaction between business and controlling authorities under the “single-stop” procedure at the customs

The Ministry of Finance, jointly with other interested central bodies of executive power, developed draft amendments to some of the decrees of the Government aimed to improve interaction between the customs and other controlling authorities under the “single-stop” procedure, to harmonize regulations on state supervision (control) for the security and safety of nutritional products and forage, health and welfare of animals as well as to simplify customs clearance procedures in general.

What’s it about?
The draft decree of the Cabinet of Ministers “On Amendments to and Abolition of Some of the Decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine” stipulates the following:
abolition of the compulsory certification for goods transported over the customs border of Ukraine;

abolition of the special licenses of the National Bank issued for legal entities (except for entitled banks) to import bank metals and for private persons wishing to move bank metals abroad;

legal framework for the State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection to control compliance with the regulations on nutritional products, forage, products of animal origin, health and welfare of animals enacted by the Law No. 2042;

improvement of the procedure for the use of preliminary customs declaration;

controlling authorities are obliged to capture electronic remarks about the completion of different types of state control in the “single-stop” system as fast as possible, but no longer than 30 minutes after completion;

simplification of the phyto-sanitary control of wooden packaging material (pallets, boxes etc.), if exported goods are not subject to regulation or if the importing country does not require phyto-sanitary documents to be attached to goods exported or re-exported from Ukraine;

simplification of state control in regard to the safety and quality of nutritional products and in veterinary medicine through the use of electronic veterinary documents and/or general documents for import;

reduction of the list of documents/data required for the customs to carry out preliminary documentary control of nutritional products imported to the customs territory of Ukraine, except for transit etc.

What’s the benefit?
Reduced time consumption for control operations and customs clearance completed by the controlling authorities and companies;

Improved non-tariff regulation of foreign trade activities.