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The Cabinet of Ministers has Determined the Main Activities of Ukreximbank for 2021-2024

On September 16, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the proposed by the Ministry of Finance main activities of the joint-stock company "State Export-Import Bank of Ukraine" for 2020-2024".

It is envisaged that Ukreximbank is mainly a corporate bank, focused on financing export-import operations with a partial presence in the retail sector.

The main activities of Ukreximbank for 2020-2024 envisage that the bank's mission will be creating and developing available infrastructure of credit instruments, adapted to the specifics of export and export-oriented activities, for increasing the competitiveness of Ukrainian business in global markets.

Such a model will provide its proper functioning and contribute to the effective management of this state bank, protection of the rights of depositors, creditors, and the state as a shareholder and will be the basis for developing a strategy for its further development.