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Local budget accounts have about UAH 6 billion of educational subvention balances as of April 1, 2021

According to the State Treasury Service of Ukraine, as of 01.04.2021 on the accounts of local budgets, there is about 6 billion UAH of educational subvention balances. This subvention from the state budget is directed to local budgets for salaries of teachers of general secondary education institutions.

The balances were formed in the following local budgets:
in 24 regional budgets - UAH 1.555 million;
9 district budgets - UAH 17 million;
1424 local budgets - UAH 4.32 million; 
in Kyiv's budget - UAH 97 million.
At the same time, 166 local budgets have no balances of educational subsidies.

"As we can see, the most balances of the educational subvention are accumulated in the budgets of territorial communities, which, in particular, may indicate the functioning of an effective network. It has been constantly emphasized by the Ministry of Finance, and therefore the experience of the leadership of these communities in education management is progressive," said Deputy Minister of Finance Roman Yermolychev. Also, he added: "Together, these funds can be used to financially stimulate those pedagogical employees of secondary education institutions who provide quality education for children in a distance learning environment. It requires considerable effort both in terms of preparation and gives lessons. In any case, the situation in each community should be analyzed in detail. The Ministry of Finance notes that the funds of the educational subsidy should work first of all to ensure quality and accessible education for each student".