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Government Approved Provision of State Guarantees on a Portfolio Basis to 12 Lending Banks in 2021

On December 2, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a resolution "On providing state guarantees on a portfolio basis in 2021".

The implementation of the document provides for the provision of state guarantees to 12 crediting banks, which were selected to receive partial government guarantees for portfolios of loans provided to micro, small and medium enterprises.

Also, the limit amount of such guarantees for each crediting bank is defined, and the Minister of Finance is authorized to conclude the relevant transactions.

Based on the results of applications received from banks, the maximum size of state guarantees on a portfolio basis for a total amount of UAH 8.084 billion is set for the following banks:

JSC "Oschadbank" - UAH 2 billion

JSC CB "PrivatBank" - UAH 2 billion

JSB "UKRGASBANK" - UAH 1.5 billion

JSC "Ukreximbank" - UAH 1 billion

JSC “TASKOMBANK” - UAH 600 million

JSC “OTP BANK” - UAH 500 million

JSC “PIREUS BANK MKB” - UAH 139 million

JSC “BANK ALLIANCE” - UAH 100 million


JSC “KIB” - UAH 90 million

JSC “ASVIO BANK” - UAH 30 million

PJSC “MTB” - UAH 30 million