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Banks Issued 2,112 Loans Totaling UAH 6,100 million Through State Guarantees on the Portfolio Basis

Within the program of support of micro, small and medium enterprises in Ukraine through the instrument of state guarantees on the portfolio basis as of October 1, 2021, ten banks issued 2,112 loans for the total amount of UAH 6,100 million. Liabilities on principal debt partially secured by state guarantees on a portfolio basis amounted to UAH 2,755 million. It is about 70% of the total limit of guarantees in 2020 (UAH 3,930 million).

At the same time, in September 2021, 91 loans totaling UAH 542 million were granted with a debt obligation of UAH 260 million.

JSC "Privatbank" is the leader by the number of loans issued - 949 loans for a total of UAH 866 million, which is almost 87% of the limit of such guarantees issued by the bank in 2020. JSC "Oschadbank" has the second-largest amount of loans in the portfolio: 753 loans for a total amount of UAH 2,179 million.

The biggest demand for the program is in Kyiv, where 184 loans of a total amount of UAH 755 million were issued. In Lviv and Dnipropetrovsk regions, which are in the top three, the figure is 138 loans (UAH 366 million) and 134 loans (UAH 326 million), respectively.
The largest number of loans by type of economic activity, partially secured by state guarantees on a portfolio basis, were issued in the areas of wholesale and retail trade (741), agriculture (594), and processing industry (337).