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FinTech Training Program Launched Under the Auspices of the Ministry of Finance

The State Fiscal Service University and Lviv Polytechnic University are launching a joint FinTech training program under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance and with the support of the Reform Project Office. On May 20, Acting Principal of the University of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine Valentina Uninets-Khodakovskaya and Principal of the Lviv Polytechnic University Yuri Bobalo signed an agreement to implement the first FinTech network program in Ukraine.
"This program is designed to train experts capable of creating financial and economic startups. Domestic and foreign investors are waiting for such specialists. It is a new reality. That's why we unite in training specialists for both public and private sectors," said Uninets-Khodakovskaya.
"Startups are the future. I hope that not only students from our two institutions but also from other universities in Ukraine will participate in this program," Mr. Bobalo said.

"The State Fiscal Service University is a leader in financial education in Ukraine, while Lviv Polytechnic is among the world's top educational institutions in IT. We decided to join our efforts and launch such a powerful program together", summed up Nazar Podolchak, head of the Administrative and Financial Management Department at Lviv Polytechnic.

The new program on financial technologies is based on the best practices of both universities and will also have guest lecturers - experts on the fintech market. Students will adopt experience from the leading specialists of financial and IT companies, the banking sector, start-ups, and blockchain specialists, who are the drivers of the financial technology market today.

During a year and a half of training, the graduates of the "Financial Technologies" program will get valuable practical experience with the possibility of further employment in state institutions, insurance companies, and banks, IT companies, international financial institutions, payment systems operators. The acquired knowledge and skills will enable them to become competitive specialists both in public finance management and in the private sector.