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Results of the week of the program "Affordable loans 5-7-9%": 196 new loans totaling UAH 638 million

Within the framework of the State Program "Affordable Loans 5-7-9%", authorized banks concluded 196 new loan agreements for the total amount of UAH 638 million last week.

In total, as of July 27, 2020, 1,446 loans totaling UAH 2.413 billion have already been issued.

Loans to refinance previously obtained ones continue to be in the greatest demand of businesses. Over the past week, the portfolio of refinanced loans under the program increased by half a billion hryvnias (UAH 564 million). It has already exceeded one and a half billion hryvnias (UAH 1.637 billion) and continues to grow. The amount of refinancing applications amounted to UAH 6.464 billion since the launch of this anti-crisis product.

Business demand for investment loans under the Program remains consistently high. As of July 27, the amount of applications for loans under this product amounted to UAH 5.129 billion. Authorized banks have already issued investment loans in the amount of UAH 757.30 million since the launch of the Program, which allowed to renew the main funds of entrepreneurs in the amount of about UAH 1 billion.

As of today, the loan under the Program can be obtained in 18 banks: "Oschadbank JSC", "Ukrgasbank" JSB, "PrivatBank" JSC CB, "Ukreximbank" JSC, "Bank Lviv" JSCB, "FUIB" PJSC, JSC "BANK ALLIANCE", JSC "KREDOBANK", PJSC "BANK VOSTOK", JSC "Raiffeisen Bank Aval", JSC "TASKOMBANK", JSC "Alfa-Bank", JSC CB "GLOBUS", JSC "MEGABANK", JSC "POLIKOMBANK", JSC "CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK", as well as, respectively, "CreditVest Bank" and "OTP Bank".