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Results of the Week of the Program "Affordable Loans 5-7-9%": 246 New Loans Totaling UAH 696 Million

Since the start of the Program «Affordable Loans 5-7-9%», authorized banks have issued 6,059 loans totaling UAH 14.154 billion. Of these, UAH 9.883 billion was issued as refinancing of previously received loans; UAH 2.705 billion was received by entrepreneurs for capital investments and UAH 1.566 billion as anti-crisis loans at a rate of 3%.

Over the past week, authorized banks have issued 246 loans totaling UAH 696 million.

52.3% (UAH 364 million) of the total amount of concluded agreements make up refinancing agreements of previously issued loans. 14.8 % (UAH 103 million) is investment loans issued by authorized banks. And anti-crisis loans at a rate of 3% amount to 32.9 % (UAH 229 million).

It should be noted, the Entrepreneurship Development Fund has concluded cooperation agreements with 22 banks: "Oschadbank JSC", "Ukrgasbank" JSB, "PrivatBank" JSC CB, "Ukreximbank" JSC, "Bank Lviv" JSCB, "FUIB" PJSC, JSC "BANK ALLIANCE", JSC "KREDOBANK", PJSC "BANK VOSTOK", JSC "Raiffeisen Bank Aval", JSC "TASKOMBANK", JSC "Alfa-Bank", JSC CB "GLOBUS", JSC "MEGABANK", JSC "POLIKOMBANK", JSC "CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK", " OTP BANK JSC", JSC "CREDITWEST BANK",  Agroprosperis Bank, JSC "BANK "UKRAINIAN CAPITAL", JSC “ProCredit Bank”, CB "ACCORDBANK" PuJSC.