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The Government's Decision Regulates the "Single Window" Mechanism of Customs

On October 21, the Cabinet of Ministers has adopted a resolution on applying of the "single window" mechanism for international trade, developed by the Ministry of Finance.

With this resolution was approved the procedure for interaction between declarants, their representatives, other interested persons and customs authorities, other state bodies, institutions and organizations authorized to perform permitting or control functions for movement of goods, commercial vehicles across the customs border of Ukraine, using the mechanism of "single window".

The resolution was adopted in order to bring the Procedure for interaction using the "single window" mechanism between declarants, customs authorities and other state bodies in accordance with the Customs Code of Ukraine and to replace the current procedure. 

The resolution introduces new tools for electronic interaction using the "single window" mechanism between business, customs and other state bodies.

It should be noted, that the "single window" of customs began its operation 4 years ago, which simplified the conduct of foreign economic activity. 

At present, 100% of import operations are carried out using this web-service.