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The NCTS: what foreign companies that want to submit common transit declarations for the movement of goods to Ukraine should know

Explanatory information for foreign companies considering the possibility of submitting common transit declarations for the movement of goods to Ukraine using the NCTS has been prepared. It consists of the infographic "Common transit to Ukraine: let your goods cross borders faster", as well as the "Note of the state customs service of Ukraine to the traders that use common transit procedure and guarantors that provide undertakings according to the Convention on a common transit procedure with regard to the transiting goods to or through the territory of Ukraine".

As you may know, on October 1, 2022, Ukraine became the 36th contracting party to the Convention on a common transit procedure, and, despite the full-scale russian military invasion, Ukrainian customs authorities are fully functional and ready to process goods moving under the common transit procedure to or through Ukrainian territory to other countries that are parties to the relevant Convention.

Thus, today more than 200 units of customs clearance in Ukraine are operating as customs units of departure/destination, and, additionally, about 30 road border crossing points are operating as customs offices of transit. The explanatory materials provide information about the location of the relevant transit customs.

Taking into account the fact that during the martial law in Ukraine, some foreign companies are cautiously considering the possibility of using the common transit procedure to move goods to Ukraine or through its territory, detailed information is provided regarding possible situations of destruction or damage to cargo due to hostilities (force majeure). Attention is also focused on what the company must do to make its guarantee valid on the territory of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian side also draws attention to the functioning of the national NCTS Help Desk, which provides the necessary support to companies in both Ukrainian and English.