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Ukraine Will Receive Grant Of EUR 1 Billion From Germany

On June 24, the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Sergii Marchenko and the Federal Minister of Finance of Germany Christian Lindner signed an Agreement between the Governments of Ukraine and Germany on providing EUR 1 billion in grant funding to Ukraine. The funds will be directed to the state budget of Ukraine to finance priority social and humanitarian expenditures during martial law rule.

These funds will be directed to Ukraine through the mechanism of the Administrated Account of the International Monetary Fund.

"Mr. Lindner, thank you personally, your team, and everyone involved in the process, attributable to whose efforts we structured this agreement very quickly. We hope to receive funds in the near future. This grant is a significant contribution to the support of our state in this difficult time. We highly appreciate the assistance from the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany", Sergii Marchenko said during the signing of the Agreement.

Additional information
Since the beginning of the full-scale armed aggression of russia, Ukraine has received from the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany long-term loans totaling EUR 300 million to finance the state budget.