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Ukraine became a member of the Council of Europe Development Bank


In June 2023, Ukraine completed the accession process and became the 43rd member state of the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB). 

"The accession to the CEB is another step towards Ukraine's further full integration into the EU. Both sides have made substantial efforts to achieve this goal. We are confident that membership will play an important role in Ukraine's recovery process and help us overcome the existing challenges," commented Minister of Finance of Ukraine Sergii Marchenko. 

The Bank's cooperation with Ukraine is one of the goals of the CEB Strategic Framework for 2023-2027. The key areas of cooperation will focus on meeting Ukraine's priority healthcare needs and implementing the state housing policy, including the provision of housing for Ukrainian citizens.

"Ukraine’s accession to the CEB is a great honour. It is a testimony to the confidence that Ukraine places in the Bank's capacity to deliver and its value-added to support the country’s recovery, reconstruction and long-term social development," said Governor of the Council of Europe Development Bank Carlo Monticelli.

Ukraine’s accession happens less than a year after the country formally applied for membership in June 2022.

Additional Information

The Council of Europe Development Bank is a multilateral financial institution with a social orientation. The CEB was created in 1956 with the aim of solving issues related to the socially oriented reintegration of refugees, displaced persons and migrants by European countries.