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Ukraine received USD 1.25 billion from the United States

Today, on March 29, the State Budget of Ukraine has received grant funds in the amount of USD 1.25 billion. 

The funds were provided by the United States of America through the World Bank Trust Fund as part of the fourth additional financing for the Public Expenditures for Administrative Capacity Endurance in Ukraine (PEACE) project.

The grant funding will be used to provide partial reimbursement of State Budget expenditures, in particular for pension payments, support for certain state social assistance programs (assistance for IDPs), and to pay salaries of public employees, employees of the State Emergency Service and employees of higher education institutions.

Since the start of russia's full-scale invasion, Ukraine has already received USD 15.5 billion in grants from the United States. 

Currently, Ukraine is implementing a joint project with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the International Development Association (IDA) entitled Public Expenditures for Administrative Capacity Endurance in Ukraine for a total of USD 14.9 billion and EUR 1.4 billion (IBRD loans, IDA loans, grants from the Multi-Donor Trust Fund).