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More than Half of the Total Amount has Already Been Spent from the Anti-COVID-19 Fund

 As of October 23, 2020, UAH 34.1 billion out of UAH 66 billion has been spent from the Anti-COVID-19 Fund. This is 52% of the total amount.

UAH 5.8 billion (35%) out of UAH 16.3 billion was used for healthcare.

In particular, UAH 21 million has been spent on the purchase of ventilators (UAH 100 million was allocated); UAH 624 million out of UAH 2.9 billion was spent on the provision the Health Ministry's laboratories and the purchase of personal protective equipment for medical workers. UAH 571 million has been allocated for the subvention to local budgets to provide hospitals with oxygen. Also, UAH 2.7 billion out of UAH 6 billion has been spent on increasing allowances and surcharges for medical workers. The funds, allocated for the purchase of equipment for the emergency departments of hub hospitals, have not been used yet.

UAH 9.3 billion (89%) out of UAH 10.4 billion was used for social protection, UAH 2.4 billion (91%) out of 2.7 billion - for law enforcement.  UAH 16.3 billion (47%) out of UAH 35 billion was used for road construction and repair. UAH 1 billion was allocated for state support of culture, tourism and creative industries, of which only UAH 6 million has been currently used.

UAH 165 million (31%) out of UAH 524.2 million, which has been allocated for the restoration of state budget expenditures that were reduced at the time of the Fund introduction, has been used already.

Our goal is to ensure the efficient distribution of funds from the Anti-COVID-19 Fund and other budget funds and to ensure maximum control over their targeted use. Therefore, the State Audit Service maintains constant control over the funds, used within the framework of the Fund.

It should be noted, the current information on the use of funds from the Anti-COVID-19 Fund is available on the official website of the Ministry of Finance.