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EIB will provide EUR 100 million to Ukraine to restore and modernize social infrastructure

On June 11, 2024, as part of the Ukraine Recovery Conference, the Government of Ukraine signed a financing agreement with the European Investment Bank under the Recovery III project. 

The project aims to restore and modernize basic social services in the areas of education, healthcare, housing for internally displaced persons, social security, as well as restore and modernize critical infrastructure in the areas that have been damaged and in the regions that have received the largest number of IDPs. 

"The European Investment Bank plays an important role as a financial partner of Ukraine in the implementation of a number of projects in many sectors of the economy. In this difficult time for our country, sustainable economic development, along with meeting the basic needs of citizens and returning Ukrainians home, is impossible without efficiently functioning key critical and social infrastructure facilities," Olga Zykova said during the signing. 

The portfolio of joint projects in the public and private sectors is the largest in all the years of Ukraine's cooperation with the Bank - more than EUR 7 billion, and since the beginning of the full-scale war, the volume of EIB investments has been more than EUR 2 billion. The investment sample in 2023 was the largest in the years of cooperation with the EIB.