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The Ministry of Finance Established PrJSC "Ukrainian Financial Housing Company" to Enable Affordable Mortgages

Minister of Finance Sergii Marchenko signed the charter of PrJSC "Ukrainian Financial Housing Company"*, which was created to develop and implement an affordable mortgage mechanism. In particular, the issue concerns financial instruments with the possibility of obtaining a mortgage loan at a yield rate of 7% per annum for up to 20 years with the involvement of banks through government intermediation.

Sergii Marchenko congratulated Vasyl Shkurakov on his appointment as general director of PrJSC "Ukrainian Financial Housing Company" and wished him success in implementing important tasks aimed at solving the housing issue for the citizens of Ukraine.

He also thanked Vasyl Shkurakov for his conscientious work as Deputy Minister of Finance, his contribution to the development and promotion of affordable mortgages and for his participation in the implementation of the Medium-term Strategy for the State Debt Management.

* The purpose of PrJSC "Ukrainian Financial Housing Company" activity is to ensure the functioning of the mortgage lending market, promotion and implementation of financial and credit mechanisms for providing citizens of Ukraine with housing, as well as obtaining profit from business activities under Ukrainian legislation.