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Minister of Finance of Ukraine Meets with IMF Mission Chief for Ukraine

The Minister of Finance of Ukraine Sergii Marchenko met with the Head of the IMF European Department mission Ivanna Hollar.

On September 21, 2021, the IMF mission started its work to continue the first review of the Stand-By Program.

The First Deputy Minister of Finance of Ukraine Denys Uliutin and Deputy Minister of Finance of Ukraine for European Integration Yuriy Draganchuk also took part in the meeting.

The parties discussed progress in the implementation of structural benchmarks under the Cooperation Program and issues that remain, in particular, ensuring the independence of the National Bank and anti-corruption bodies.

"Congratulations on the beginning of the IMF mission to continue our discussion to implement the first review of the program. The Fund is one of Ukraine's key partners for economic recovery and macroeconomic stability. During the year we have cooperated a lot to achieve a positive result. I hope that during this mission we will be able to solve the issues that are still on the agenda", - said Sergii Marchenko.

The parties also discussed the importance of Parliament passing Law No 5600, which enables additional resources for Budget 2022.

The mission will continue its work in the next weeks. Representatives of the Fund will have several meetings with the executive authorities of Ukraine to assess the achievement of the Program goals. At the same time, further steps will be shaped to ensure sustainable growth of the Ukrainian economy, implementation of structural reforms, and overcoming the consequences of the coronavirus crisis.

Based on the results of the mission, it is expected to prepare the necessary documents for the first review of the joint Stand-By Program and consideration by the IMF Board of Directors.

The Stand-by Program is focused on the support of macroeconomic and financial stability in the spheres of fiscal, monetary, energy, anti-corruption policies, and financial sector. The IMF program opens up opportunities to receive financial support from other international partners.