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Ukraine Joined the OECD Global Revenue Statistics Database

As part of deepening its cooperation with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Ukraine has joined the OECD Global Revenue Statistics Database and has become the 121st country to submit information to the largest open source of revenue data.

Tax and non-tax revenues to the budgets of all levels of Ukraine for 2012-2021 are classified according to OECD revenue categories and a standard template. The data contains the ratio of different categories of taxes to GDP, to the total amount of revenues and are available, in particular, at the following links:

Global Revenue Statistics Database | Compare your country.

The information will be updated annually with the relevant data for the previous year.

The purpose of the OECD initiative is to improve the quality, consistency, comparability and availability of revenue data.

The Global Revenue Database provides comparable data on taxation levels, tax structure, and changes in revenues from individual taxes over time for the vast majority of countries.

It is an important information base for tax policy and international cooperation, as well as mutual learning on domestic revenue mobilization.