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Prospectuses issued by Ukraine

ISIN number of issued bonds Prospectus
XS1303918269 Corp,
XS1303918939 Corp,
XS1303920083 Corp,
XS1303921214 Corp,
XS1303921487 Corp,
XS1303925041 Corp,
XS1303925470 Corp,
XS1303926528 Corp,
XS1303927179 Corp,
XS1303929894 Corp
Prospectus dated 15 February 2016
Prospectus dated 26 February 2016
Prospectus dated 28 April 2016
XS1577952952 Corp Prospectus dated 21 September 2017
XS1902171591 Corp
XS1902171757 Corp
Prospectus dated 30 October 2018
Prospectus dated 19 March 2019